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Y-Chromosome DNA Study For the Neel Family

The Neel Family is now collecting genealogical DNA data.  The results of this study are posted here on our DNA Database. DNA researchers may leave messages for our DNA participants by contacting the webmaster.

If you (your male family member) has a surname of Neel, Neal, O’Neal, MacNeill, or any related spelling; and you have, or are willing to get Y-Chromosome genealogical DNA test data please read on!

Goals Of This Neel DNA Study

We would like to get a clearer picture of our Neel ancestral roots through:

  • Confirming our Neel family tree as printed in the book: Neel and Allied Families (available here on our website).
  • Confirm or disprove some of the many theories about the Neel ancestry mentioned in that book.
  • Be helpful to those conducting larger, surname studies on the Neel (Neal) line.

General Request For Participants

We hope you will participate in this study if you (your male family member) meet BOTH of the following:

  • Have a Neel, Neal, O’Neal, MacNeill, or any related spelling surname and bloodline.
  • Have a pedigree chart showing that this surname ancestry ties into an 18th or 19th century, U. S. A. family.

Request For Help Obtaining Specific Participants

We would especially appreciate your help in obtaining the following more specific participants in this study:

  • Male Neel surname descendants of 18th or 19th century families who came through North or South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, or Virginia.
  • At least two DNA study participants (preferably not brothers or close cousins) from descendants of each son of Thomas NEEL, who was born about 1770 probably in North Carolina , and who married Jane NEEL on 19 Aug 1793,  in Mecklenburg County , North Carolina (Sons and Grandsons of Thomas and Jane Neel).
  • DNA samples from other Neel male descendants of the siblings of both Thomas and of Jane (shown above).  This would include:
    • The sons of Thomas Neel (b. abt 1705) and his wife Sarah: John, Thomas, James, David, Andrew, and Joseph NEEL.
    • The sons of Captain Henry NEEL (1736-1788) and his wife Nancy Agnes Reid: William, John, James, Samuel, and Henry NEEL.



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