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Book: Neel and Allied Families,Compiled by the late Charles Wayne Neel and Others.

Neel and Allied FamiliesYou may order your copy of this book any time.  

This book is being published as a hard-bound 8.5 by 11 inch single volume with over 700 pages.  It includes a 52-page index of over 15,000 unique family names and with photos referencing nearly 1,600 people..

To help answer the question: what Neel families are covered in this book, please follow this "three generations of Neels" link.

Yes we are selling this 700-page hard-bound book for just $40, our cost. We are sincere about putting this family genealogy into the hands of as many descendants as possible.

After placing your order, please allow two or three weeks for us to ship and the Postal Service to deliver your books.  If you experience longer delays than this, please email or call us.  Since we do not stockpile large numbers of any book, your order may have caught us temporarily out of stock.  The handmade cover is the slow step in our production process but well worth the wait.


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